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A global Community powered mixed ultimate 🥏 League

Ultimate organisers, broadcasters and enthusiasts present plans for a showcase season in 2020 in Europe. You can be part of UltiLeague now, and grow with us to global expansion.

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The mission of ULTILEAGUE

In order for UltiLeague to start we need players that want to play in UltiLeague, these players can attract sponsorship from their friends, family and colleagues. That will fund the first steps, once we started we can make a case for large international sponsors and attract commercial partners that align with our values and principles.

The first events are aimed at creating gameday experiences that promote Ultimate at a local level and get community members excited about the sport.  The more memberships that are bought everywhere, the better we can build a case for a global sponsor and make Ultimate professional.

OFFER value to members and fans in livestreams and game day events
GROW ultimate on the grassroots level, with local partners and federations
INSPIRE next generations
to respect and thrive in equality through sports

Every € is invested into Ultimate

Every team that gets enough sponsors will be broadcasted live to you.  The cities with the most members will host a game day for you and your family; organised by us, the Ultimate community.

You can pre order your memberships and you will get votes to control the team and also votes in choices we make at UltiLeague.

700 Memberships in a country make up a team, you give to the players and organising game days (moving players, and organising costs) and livestreams (live video production and highlights).  We combine memberships from locations to select players to make All Star Teams of regions.

UltiLeague is cooked up by ulti.TV people, that bring you (many) Worldwide Ultimate livestreams, members of Windmill Tournament, and other organising crews from Europe.

You make Ultimate and UltiLeague happen with every Euro you invest. Thank you!

The teams you sponsor have goals

  • Reach 700 Memberships and your country has secured a team;
  • Your city will host a game day when you get Sponsored the most.

Current Country Standings

an opportunity to improve sports

Sports are not equal

Pro sports are dominated by men in a world that is calling for gender equity.  From visibility to compensation, it's imbalanced and that's what we are challenging.

corporations control sports

Most sports are managed top down and driven by profit and not people. Local communities should be in power again and asked for their opinion or perspective.  

Fairness is scarce

Where to find intellectually and culturally engaging entertainment?  Sports that serve profit, people ánd planet is not the rule, it's the exception.

We go for

In UltiLeague women and men play, win and lose together on the same team. We will show gender equity in the most exciting way; for everyone to experience and see around the world through our livestreams and video content.


The community is in control of minor and major decisions. What regions will get a team? And who gets a spot in these teams? We are a grassroots movement that is community empowered.  Ultimate for the people, by the people.

WE breathe RESPECT

Parents who want to foster honesty, respect and integrity for their children can soon choose sport events that are aligned with good values. Additionally we respect the planet and try to Benefit it with every step (we aim to
be a B-Corp).

We think big; but Start small

Because we are community powered, close to everything will be controlled by you, the community.
We have ideas how to start this league but we would love your input in every step of the way!

Ultileague starts in Europe

We are starting in Europe because it's culturally diverse in terms of languages and teams are relatively close together.
That is why it we chose it to be the testing ground for a worldwide league.

teams form when you sponsor

When you sponsor a team by buying memberships, you  vote where the team(s) will start. You can buy memberships in multiple locations in Europe and make it happen in these places.   Don't worry if your first preference team does not get enough members. Remaining memberships contribute to players to form an All-Star team!

Teams compete in a showcase season

Teams do not only compete on the field, they also compete on popularity, the teams with the most sponsorships will host the game days and seasons. The more teams that will be formed the more game days we can organise.

We will have a WORLDWIDE Season; all year around

To change the way humans interact and improve global perspectives we need a competition on the global scale.  This way we can capture the attention of global partners for major sponsorships.  Current regions are based on cultural diversity and population and members vote on the next region that will be launched in 2021.

get these membership Features and benefits

We offer the best version of Ultimate for you to experience. We give you and your friends livestreams, amazing content and highlights of games in exciting game day experiences close to your home.

1. Sponsor
Buy Memberships of €10 to influence a team

2. Select
Select your preferred Country for your team

3. Share
Get your community excited—Share your team with friends

4. Vote
When 350+ members, Vote  players for your team

5. Enjoy
Enjoy your team within a season of Ultimate

Sponsor and get votes in the League

Memberships make Ultileague happen, and they give you voting power.  You can vote on thus compete with everyone through your voting powers. When everyone wants to win, everything is a competition!

Vote on where
teams will start

Members will found teams in city regions.  There will only be teams created where the community is engaged and passionate. 

Vote on an ideal
roster of players

Like ‘Real life’ Fantasy Ultimate. With your votes you will influence which 12/14 players will play. Who are your favourite players in skill and spirit? Add them! 

Vote on spirit of
opposing teams

Spirit is the best thing about Ultimate. We want to create an environment that encourages the players to have great respect and make honest calls. Part of this is that we will let the fans vote on spirit.

Invest in the
Ultimate community

Almost everything we earn will be invested in the Ultimate community, making it bigger and more powerful to grow than ever. You're also making livestreams and video content happen that will be shared to the world.


Game days are full of entertainment, you can attend with your family, friends and colleagues. There will be DJs, chill out zones, drinks, food, etc. You engage with Ultimate in a new way which is engaging and relaxing at the same time.

Engage with Votes and
get discounts

You are making this happen, as a Member you will ultimately make UltiLeague come to live, and members get all the benefits.

THe vision for ULTILEAGUE

UltiLeague exists to change the way people around the world interact.

Ultimate can transform the way humans interact with each other, growing ultimate is our mission. Every step is towards our vision to change the way humans interact.

You see us running around and standing next to a camera's and computers at almost any tournament or championship, and during Amsterdam's prestigious Windmill Tournament...

We love Ultimate. We love how the frisbee flies through the air. We love that women can play on the same field as men. We love layouts and bids. We love the spirit of the game. We love that the game is self refereed.

What we don’t love, is the price tag associated with playing Ultimate at the highest level.  No matter how good you are as a player, if you can’t pay your own way to the tournament you can’t play.

We want to build a future where playing Ultimate at a high level is not based on how wealthy you are.   A future where players are heroes supported by the community, that inspires the next generation to play and follow Ultimate. 

A future where the world can see that you don’t need an external referee to settle your differences even when there is substantial prize money on the line.

We are more than 30 people from all around the World, with a plan to connect the world through the sport we love. Let us make UltiLeague happen together.


This will be your last chance to get Founding Memberships; Founding Memberships have not one vote but two votes!

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It’s the Ultimate League: it’s community controlled and powered by people, it’s mixed gender because we strive for equality, we go for diversity of cultures and languages from around the world; it’s a story about ultimate that wants to be told and spread.

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With no referees or third parties officiating, how can a sport work with real prize money on the line? We explain how spirit in UltiLeague will work and why we don't need the refs/ observers or GAs.

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We believe in setting a series of principles so that the community can see where we are coming from and hold us accountable. They will guide our decision making process as we grow and create UltiLeague.

We strive for Transparency;
Everyone knows what’s going on.

Community ownership creates true engagement and is meant to be strong and resilient.

Financial insights and openness of our culture. Keep an Open Mindset; be radical candor in the company.

The games we host will be self refereed; honest communication and integrity are key. In game, plus in the company.

Equity and Inclusivity; All In.

Equity based mechanics; in the future global league everyone in the world pays something else for their shares in the teams. Some countries will support other countries.

Socialize through sports and play; everyone can speak out and influence work, play and the league.

Diversity is what drives progress, everyone is invited and facilitated.

Integrity and sustainability;
Fair in Everything.

Walk the talk, be radically honest and fair towards life, the universe and everything.

Holistic and circular thinking; what goes around comes around in the world. Give back to the community; (re)invest in people everywhere.

Think big, start small. Profit is key to make constructive capitalism happen, this needs to be done step by step.

Meet the Ultimate team


Join our mission!


Milan Goud van den Bovenkamp

Milan Goud van den Bovenkamp

Designer and Campaigner

This is my fifth company, and it's the first time I believe to be still working on it after 10 years

Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer

Operations and livestreaming

bigger ... than ... football

Answers to (most of) your questions
Does buying a membership commit me to anything?

We are gauging the initial interest of the community. There is no obligation to do anything further if you choose not to. We will make it easy to vote on a team a player you like, no need to get all the details. You do not have to vote if you choose not to. 🙌

Why do we need something new?

Traditional Ultimate is structured in a way that is difficult to get commercial partnerships of any value. Part of the reasons for this are:

Events are organised by Ultimate Federations who rightly so prioritise the interests of the players and members. For example, scheduling a championship final in the early afternoon so players can catch flights after the game rather than in “prime time” in the evening for potential viewers or sponsors.

All the action happens in a short period (a weekend or week) and it is over. Very little time to look forward to the next round. No time for the suspense to build and the drama to unfold. An excellent example of drama and suspense is the FIFA world cup, by the time the final comes around there is a kind of feeding frenzy happening. 

We aim to make the People's World Cup. Our goal is to create a version of Ultimate that can attract sponsorships. That the games we play create “game day experiences” that we can use to promote Ultimate in local communities. Think several games in an day with a bunch of local fans, families and school children watching. It is similar to Rubgy 7s tournament style events. 🎪

Who is behind the league?

From the UK to Poland, from Sweden to Italy; it is the combination of many discussions at tournaments and championships, all for the love of Ultimate. It was ultimately cooked up by Milan 'Goud' van den Bovenkamp of Windmill and Mike Palmer from ultiTV on the drive to EUCF in 2018 and back. We have been thinking of something for a fair while. Mike has a bet with Jim Gerencer the Dallas Roughnecks owner and Brodie Smith that Ultimate with no external officiation will be bigger than Ultimate with external officiation. Next to inspiring the next generation of players ánd other sports; we have to make sure he wins the bet. Ask Mike what he wins when he does. 😬

We see our job as putting the community in control of the league. It’s the community that decides and ultimately they are who controls the league.

Community and league questions
Will this league replace the existing competitions I love?

We will work with existing federations and competitions to ensure that we don’t step on any toes so to speak.  It is not our intention to replace or compete with any existing competitions, we are here to add a higher level of competition above what already exists and work with existing stakeholders. Our goal is to increase the total number of people playing Ultimate around the world. ❤️

Where will teams be located?

We will be choosing teams locations based on the level of interest of the community in each region. The more memberships are sold the more likely your team gets to play. So get your teammates and friends from your country and or area to get involved! Share it your messaging circles, talk about it in the after hours, we’d like your input. Lets make this happen! 🗺

Are there other regions are you planning to have an UltiLeague?

Wherever there are players and fans of Ultimate it is possible for there to be an UltiLeague. If the league works and is supported by the community in Europe we will look at creating UltiLeagues around the world (We have a strong interest in Australia, South America and India.) Before you ask, we will absolutely have an UltiLeague champions event with the winners of each league playing each other. 🌏

What is the timing of the league?

It is likely we will do a test event over a weekend with 3-4 teams to see what the support from the community is. If that works we are looking to do an 8-10 week league. But don’t stress, it is unlikely that every team will play every week. ⏰

How Much will Players be paid to play?

We will be limited by how much the community support us to cover the base costs. It also depends on how much sponsorship revenue we generate, they will need to chip in to make careers possible. It is also a question for the Ultimate Community to discuss if we want our sport to be fully professional or if it should remain amateur (as Gaelic Football and Hurling in Ireland are).

The plan is to first make the competition cost neutral for players. The next thing we will do is to offer prize money to the competition winners and spirit winners. After that we will consider payments to players. Additionally we have ideas to make Ultimate player's full time profession by offering not only work in playing Ultimate; but work in promoting or teaching Ultimate. 🤑

Fundraising and business questions
What is the business model for UltiLeague?

The funding for this operation will be two-fold between community support and external funding. Our plan is to attract commercial sponsors to invest in UltiLeague and Ultimate.

First we made sure we have the interest  from the players. Then the financial support of these players we're validating now. Next we have a list of potential commercial suitors we’ll pursuit with targeted presentations. We are most open to the ultimate network, and invite ‘all of you’ to forward any interest of sponsorship opportunities in our direction. 🤝

We hope to compliment our sponsors with community investment. As teams are allocated, the community members near and far can buy control in each team. Shareholders will have opportunities to weigh in on team shaping decisions by voting: (naming, roster selections, coaching selections).

Active communities will have opportunities to invest in ultimate, and to support their team. We’ll all build a league that will showcase each community to an ever growing audience, shareholders will be able to shape the direction and momentum of the league. Furthermore other ways of monetizing a sports league are being discovered in the future.🎗

What happens if my community does not raise 700 memberships?

To start and support your team you can buy memberships and vote for your region. If not enough memberships will be sold for a specific community you support the closest team by default or another team of your choosing. Or if enough memberships are bought to form an All Star Team of local players.

We do not offer refunds, but you will make a team in another region happen, you support UltiLeague. If no team gets enough memberships at all, we will invest the revenue from memberships in Youth Ultimate through the EUF.