The first Mixed Gender Global Pro League
Make it happen!

We bring you fair entertainment; promote gender equity and respect by making the ultimate sports league. 

Exciting Pro Ultimate Frisbee.
Women and Men Mixed in One Team.
Self refereed.  
Everyone's invited.

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Most sports are dominated by men in a world that is calling for gender equity.
In UltiLeague women and men play, win and lose together on the same team, Ultimate shows gender equity in the most exciting way .


The community is in control of major decisions about what regions and who get a spot in UltiLeague. We are a grassroots movement, community empowerment is the sport at its best.  Ultimate for the people, by the people.


Parents who want to foster honesty, respect and integrity in their children can  choose a sport that is aligned with good values. The time is now to professionalize Ultimate worldwide and inspire the next generations.


UltiLeague is a commercial venture that offers its members value through giving  interesting livestreams, amazing highlights of games and exciting game day experiences. We offer the best version of Ultimate for you to experience.

Memberships make Ultileague happen, and they give you voting power.
Founding Members have double the voting power. Additionally, there's more benefits from being a founding member in the start of the league.

UltiLeague is from people that bring you (most) Worldwide Ultimate livestreams ulti.TV and Amsterdam's prestigious Windmill Tournaments.  

Vote on where teams will be

There will only be teams created where the community is engaged and passionate. The places where people are willing to support players and teams and attend game days.

Vote on an ideal roster of players

Like ‘Real life’ Fantasy Ultimate. With your votes you will influence the team roster. Who are your favorite players in skill and spirit? Add them! 

Vote on spirit of opposing teams

Spirit is the best thing about Ultimate. We want to create an environment that encourages the players to have great spirit and make honest calls. Part of this is that we will let the fans vote on spirit.

Invest in the Ultimate community

Almost everything we earn will be invested in the Ultimate community, making it bigger and more powerful to grow than ever. You're making free livestreams on YouTube and Facebook happen.


Game days are full of entertainment, you can attend with your family, friends and colleagues. DJs, chill out zones, drinks, food. You engage with Ultimate in a new way which is engaging and relaxing at the same time.

prestige with EVERYTHING

You are making this happen, as a founding membership you will ultimately have more prestige and discounts than future normal memberships.

800+ Players from Europe
want to play in UltiLeague.

You can make UltiLeague Europe happen today by pre-ordering one or more
Founding Membership in players and a team.

For a limited time we are selling Founding Memberships in UltiLeague. For each membership of €10 you will get a vote in where teams will be started and who will play in those teams.  You make Ultimate and UltiLeague happen with every Euro you invest.

The Campaign

Your region or city can have a team by selling at least 700 memberships. You can ensure a spot for your friends, and can control if that player will get that spot in the team.
We calculated that we will need 700 memberships per team to hold an UltiLeague gameday. The league is only limited by community support, if we get two teams with 700+ members each we can hold a 2 team game day. If we get four teams with 700+ we will have a four team gameday. If we get eight teams at 700+ we will have two four team game days and a final between the winners. . The more memberships that are purchased  bought everywhere, the better we can build a case for a global sponsor and make Ultimate professional.

The 'Founding Members Campaign' will run until October 28th. All the revenue made is invested back in Ultimate, even if the campaigns are not successful.

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In order for the League to start we need people that will buy in early into the idea and goals.   The first events are aimed at creating a gameday experience that promotes Ultimate at a local level and attract commercial partners that align with our values and principles..


It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a community to raise a team, in the case of UltiLeague at least 700 memberships.


The team that sells the most memberships will get hosting rights for the first UltiLeague gamedays. If say London has 742 memberships sold and Prague has 784—Prague will host.


Your region will host the first games of the league if they sell the most memberships, that means you have all the shine and the most exposure.


With no referees or third parties officiating, how can a sport work with real prize money on the line? We explain how spirit in UltiLeague will work and why we don't need the refs/ observers or GAs.

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We openly acknowledge that we do not have all the answers and that we will need to test and prove some of our ideas. Our aim is to end up with something that works for the players, the community, and the fans — on a financially sustainable basis. Here's how

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Let us TOGETHER make A
MORE ultimate FUTURE happen! 🤟


We believe in setting a series of principles so that the community can see where we are coming from and hold us accountable. They will guide our decision making process as we grow and create UltiLeague.

We strive for Transparency;
Everyone knows what’s going on.

Community ownership creates true engagement and is meant to be strong and resilient.

Financial insights and openness of our culture. Keep an Open Mindset; be radical candor in the company.

The games we host will be self refereed; honest communication and integrity are key. In game, plus in the company.

Equity and Inclusivity; All In.

Equity based mechanics; in the future global league everyone in the world pays something else for their shares in the teams. Some countries will support other countries.

Socialize through sports and play; everyone can speak out and influence work, play and the league.

Diversity is what drives progress, everyone is invited and facilitated.

Integrity and sustainability;
Fair in Everything.

Walk the talk, be radically honest and fair towards life, the universe and everything.

Holistic and circular thinking; what goes around comes around in the world. Give back to the community; (re)invest in people everywhere.

Think big, start small. Profit is key to make constructive capitalism happen, this needs to be done step by step.