The Mixed gender
Ultimate champions league



Mixed Club Champions

Our mission is to build strong mixed gender sport clubs
around the world, starting in Europe.
We orchestrate game experiences
for the largest mixed gender sport in the world!


men dominate sports

We have a long way to go. Family friendly, fully represented and inclusive sport events are hard to find. Where do you see a full team of women, men and mixed on the field working together?

we make

grassroots Mixed gender events

ULTILEAGUE offers online and offline game weekend experiences for families run for local communities by club communities. Spirit winners get first dibs on bids to organise these weekends.

you know, truth be told

Ultimate events can be waaay better

Ultimate events are optimised for the players and not for the fans. Some final days have fans but it’s mostly filled by players not having reached the finals.

so, that's why we make

Story driven fan focused events

Stories about the journey of the players and teams working towards the events with the hosting team as prime protagonist.We organise fan focused events (food trucks, kids free to attend, crowd entertainment, etc) that engage (new) local fans offline, AND online in ways beyond the live chat.


Mixed deserves the greatest stage 🀟

The focus on grassroots growth through events is a key factor on why club communities thrive.Look at GRUT in Amsterdam through Windmill, PELT and Reading with University recruiting power from local events and the Bologna community being top of Europe in Women's and Men divisions.

Teamed up!

By ULTI.TV, Windmill and techy people

Our team all has played Ultimate (except for Sindy), worked on Windmill Tournament for more than 10 years, created community, coached clubs, produced thousands of hours of videos and made software for Ultimate.So you might say we come from a good foundation.

our first

Kick Off is in may '23

The teams that signed up will play in a virtual league to get that spot in the actual EURopean league that will happen in 2024.Press the red button πŸ”΄ below to show interest as a team. Just want to follow us, scroll down...

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Started by Online and Kicking,
with livestreaming partner ULTI.TV
and tech partners MADx & Codulo.

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