About Us

Everything for the Love of Ultimate

You see us running around and standing next to a camera's and computers at almost any tournament or championship, and during Amsterdam's prestigious Windmill Tournament...

We love Ultimate. We love how the frisbee flies through the air. We love that women can play on the same field as men. We love layouts and bids. We love the spirit of the game. We love that the game is self refereed.

What we don’t love, is the price tag associated with playing Ultimate at the highest level.  No matter how good you are as a player, if you can’t pay your own way to the tournament you can’t play.

We want to build a future where playing Ultimate at a high level is not based on how wealthy you are.   A future where players are heroes supported by the community, that inspires the next generation to play and follow Ultimate. 

A future where the world can see that you don’t need an external referee to settle your differences even when there is substantial prize money on the line.

We are a bunch of people from all around the World, with a plan to connect the world through the sport we love. Let us make UltiLeague happen together. Our faces will ultimately reveal itself on this page! 

Imagine the Ultimate People's World Cup!