This is what we're all about!

We exist to change the way humans interact

Ultileague exists to provide a global platform for elite ultimate frisbee athletes to play competitively in an equal environment. 

It’s not about making a big sport, it’s about the values of ultimate that change how people interact; see the world, and other people's perspectives.

UltiLeague is catalyst for change. We are changing attitudes towards people you don't know and play with. Change primary attitudes. Make people own their actions.

Our mission is to make mixed sport the new normal, by making mixed ultimate the biggest–most watched and played–sport in the Universe.

To be the biggest (most watched and played) sport on the planet and make gender-equal the new normal.

Ultimate is the engine for our cause! Through sports we will show people to talk about their differences, to be active and healthy and show that women and men are equal.

Women and men playing together professionally. Financial freedom for players all around the world. More than 1000 people doing what they love professionally and sustainably. With that inspiring the next global companies and movements.

We believe that transparency, inclusivity, sustainability (people, planet and profit) and integrity is the best way forward

We strive for Transparency;Everyone knows what’s going on.  Community ownership creates true engagement and is meant to be strong and resilient.  Financial insights and openness of our culture. Keep an Open Mindset; be radical candor in the company.  The games we host will be self refereed; honest communication and integrity are key. In game, plus in the company.

Equity and Inclusivity; All In.  Equity based mechanics; in the future global league everyone in the world pays something else for their shares in the teams.  Some countries will support other countries.  Socialize through sports and play; everyone can speak out and influence work, play and the league.  Diversity is what drives progress, everyone is invited and facilitated.

Integrity and sustainability; Fair in Everything.Walk the talk, be radically honest and fair towards life, the universe and everything.   Holistic and circular thinking; what goes around comes around in the world.  Give back to the community; (re)invest in people everywhere.  Think big, start small.  Profit is key to make constructive capitalism happen, this needs to be done step by step.

We are like a 'pick up company'. Everyone can join and contribute, you can prove yourself. We are by default remote and diverse. We talk like friends, make it fun, we have pride in what we do. Everything in our products, services and culture can be a competition, but we keep it simple, and we never stop learning.

We tell the story that we can make Ultimate bigger Than football; Ultimate grows because it has the best values the world needs right now!

The story we want people to tell about us is that a commercial, constructive capitalist company/community of passionate ultimate people can come together to change the world. Because Ultimate has the best values for diversity, respect and because sport is a primal force, we aim to spread a lifestyle to the world which is the new narrative for the world.

When leaders and people all around the world talk more, have more respect for each others opinions everyone will get along better. Ultimate can teach this to kids at a young age.

The infrastructure of fields and stadiums is already there, and twice as much people can play on one soccer pitch (14 x 14 x 2 fields). So twice as much people can play ultimate in 5 years and 10 times in 10 years, it’s the easiest sport to start playing because the disc carries the message of Ultimate.

We think it's a problem that most people in the world have not experienced true spirit and respect at high level sports competitions. Additionally, kids grow up being okay with just men doing sports.

What are the problems fans have?  Fans would like to be part of something bigger than themselves, progress a global movement forward through a local team.  They can’t easily support players they like for the long term, they can money but there’s no easy way to get something valuable in return. Chipping in to fanseat is not helping to grow the sport.  

What are the problems players have?  Players want to make their hobby and lifestyle their work, they want to play and spread the values of ultimate on broadcasts and in schools.  Currently they pay for that, while they should get paid.

Why doesn’t Ultimate grow?  National, continental and worldwide federations do not have the power to make this sport interesting for sponsors, they are simply not designed to scale ultimate, they are designed to serve the players.  Players and volunteers are not enabled in promoting the sport because they have other professional obligations.

Our proposed solution is a community powered league framework and democratic competition.

Everything from memberships to the game is a competition for the members/fans and the players.  The tangible service we offer is exciting livestreams, video content and game day experiences targeted at school age children and families.  Building a new generation of Ultimate players and fans.

Our first customers will be the direct friends, family, colleagues of the existing 8 million passionate players worldwide.

We focus on the an early active tribe of direct fans of players, those are our ambassadors. We calculate players have around 5 to 25 fans in their network.

Players can also buy memberships but that’s not the main target audience. 

We’ll make our customers lives better by making a family friendly game day event, leading by example with fair entertainment.

We increase engagement with a unique sports league (happiness, fun activities to go to for family, fun way to support people in their future).

We provide family friendly content online that is fair en engaging. You can say we reduce disengagement with the world for you and your family.

We're like a pickup company, join us!